Wildflower Honey

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Wild and Sweet

Wildflower Honey flavor is a reflection of where the hive was located and where the bees decided to travel to pollinate nearby crops. This bright golden honey is rich and delicious with hints of honeysuckle and jasmine. Pure, raw, and Star K Certified Kosher.


Rich in Pollen and Perfectly Sweet

Wildflower Honey is a sweet and delicious. Honeybees travel up to six miles to collect nectar from indigenous wildflowers and carry twice their weight in their honey belly back to the hive. This honey comes from the nectar of wildflowers in the late summer months. Our most recent Wildflower Honey has a wonderful distinctive flavor and comes from upstate New York. It is mildly floral in nature with a strong earthy finish.

Wildflower Honey Supports the Immune System

Naturalists promote eating small amounts of wildflower honey each day to introduce tiny amounts of pollen into the immune system. It is said that this will strengthen the immune system and help fight allergies. While there is not enough scientific evidence to fully back this, we have faith in the power of honey. Recently, a master beekeeper informed us that as long as the honey is raw, it can be from anywhere to help ease your allergy symptoms. Great with blue cheese and cashews paired with a pinot noir. This honey is also delicious on Warm Peach Oatmeal, Greek yogurt with granola, in baked goods, tea, and coffee. Need ideas on what to do with Honey? Try our Gluten Free Apple Pie or try our dairy-free Chia Seed Pudding recipe. Raw, pure, and Star K Certified Kosher.

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