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Why is my honey solid / crystalized?

Our honey is 100% pure, raw, and unadulterated, and may revert from a liquid to a solid over time, or when exposed to cold temperatures. This is completely normal and does not affect the safety or usability of the product. Grocery store honey may be diluted with corn syrup, which can prevent this. We do not add any syrups, dyes, flavors, or preservatives to our honey.

Here's a bit of the science behind this: simply put, honey is an "unstable" chemical solution that will attempt to reach a "stable" state. In the chemical makeup of honey, there is more sugar dissolved into water than what is normally stable. These sugars, over time, begin to solidify until the honey has reached a stable baseline. 

Some varieties of honey, including Sweet Clover, Star Thistle, Holly, and Wildflower, crystalize faster than others. If you'd like to reconstitute your honey to a liquid state, place the jar into a pan of hot water and allow to liquify. 

How long is honey good for?

Honey is considered a "perfect" food; it does not spoil when stored properly. Keep your honey tightly closed, and prevent water or food particles from entering the jar. 

My honey looks / tastes different this time...what's up with that?

 Like anything produced in the natural world, honey is variable and subject to change. Most monofloral honey will be fairly consistent from batch to batch. Varietal honey, on the other hand, can change significantly depending on the time of year and location of harvest. Wildflower honey harvested in the Spring may be very light, whereas the honey from the same location that is harvested later in the Autumn can be very dark.

We do our best to update product listings when our supply of honey changes. We personally love how some varieties change - it's always a treat to see what we get from our beekeepers!

Why do batches of body products differ?

Our body products are crafted by hand in small batches. Due to the nature of our ingredients and manufacturing processes, there can be slight variations in color and texture from one batch to the next; any changes in ingredients will be updated on the online product listing. 

Some ingredients, such as citrus oils, extracts of cocoa and vanilla, and tea powders, can cause harmless changes in the color of your Body Scrub or Body Butter over time. This does not affect the safety of your products.

Why is my favorite item out of stock?

Many of our products are available on a seasonal schedule, meaning we only manufacture and sell them within a set time frame. Follow us on social media and join our mailing list to get notifications on when goods will be restocked.

Other items are at the mercy of the supply chain. Some products may be out of stock because we are awaiting packaging components, or because we are simply unable to source the ingredients from our usual vendors. Honey is available in very unpredictable quantities; a crop failure or severe weather can impact what varieties are available and when harvests can be done.

Note that we do our absolute best to keep our product catalogue up to date.