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Waxing Kara grew organically from my work as an artist. I paint with beeswax, and in 2010, I started beekeeping to harvest wax for my encaustic paintings. I soon learned about the importance of bees to our planet’s sustainability and the preciousness of honey. This knowledge inspired me to expand my role and create delicious honey lollipops and skin-loving bath and beauty goods. Our mission is to sustainably hand craft incredible beauty products. We use natural ingredients that would not exist without bees. We promote a socially conscious message focused on the importance of bees. And we draw inspiration from nature’s bounty and the understanding that putting healthful things into and onto your body makes you feel healthy and beautiful. Read more ›


Kara’s Spring Honey elevates honey to an amazing level of sensuality, taste, and health.

Kathleen C

This was sent to me as a birthday gift and I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I set aside a time just for myself and began my “spa appointment” at home. Best evening ever!

Dale M

This is such a great and inspirational gift. I sent one to my daughter to remind her to take care of herself.

Dottie G

This smells so good it makes me want to eat it! It leaves my skin looking so refreshed and feeling so soft. One of my favorite scents!

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What makes our apiary different

Are the at least 40 acres that we farm specifically for bees. We began by removing the genetically modified crops from the area. In their place we planted high nectar yielding plants, like wildflowers, lavender, fruit trees, bee balm, buckwheat, clover and more. These plants don’t produce crops we can harvest and sell; but not everything is about the bottom line. We maintain these natural habitats to keep the bees happy and thriving. When the bees are happy, we’re all happy. More about Waxing Kara ›

Small business, big impact…

Thanks to You.


Providing learning opportunities to kids in underserved communities makes everyone’s future brighter. It’s been Kara’s commitment to raise awareness of and give to VisionWorkshops since its very beginning. To date, she has raised/given in excess of $185,000. A portion of all profits made from Waxing Kara® is donated to VisionWorkshops.

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Our Honey Retail Store

Waxing Kara Honey House
10209 Grand Central Ave STE 118
Owings Mills, MD 21117

Mon - Sat, 11am - 5pm

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