Nature Holds the Key to Your Well-Being

The Healing Energy of the Bees

What you put into and onto your body directly affects how you feel, look, and interact with your environment. Our intention is to nourish the mind, body, and spirit by bringing nature into all aspects of everyday life, inspiring beauty from within. In creating our products, we choose ingredients and practices that are as close to the Earth as possible. From harvesting our own lavender to purchasing responsibly-sourced materials from vendors, we aim to create goods that are good for you and the environment. 

Founder Kara Brook Brown started as an artist—she paints with encaustic, a medium made from beeswax and pigments. Beekeeping followed the artistry as a way to create and supply her own raw materials. Soon after she began beekeeping, she started sharing her honey products with friends and family who loved them too. In almost no time, a small but committed team turned a small beekeeping operation into a full-fledged company creating healthful, nurturing Bee Inspired® goods.

Passion is your key to happiness

We Believe in Following Your Bliss

Following her passion, Kara launched the company from her home studio in November 2012. By September 2013 she moved from her home studio into her first Honey House in Owings Mills, Maryland. And just two short years later expanded to a new facility that now houses a commercial laboratory. That’s where new products are tested and manufactured to make sure we’re delivering to you the best, natural honey-based Farm to Body® products possible.

But we’re not just a honey company. The Waxing Kara® brand has one foot rooted in the nostalgic past and the other moving toward an adventurous future. That’s why you can find our products in over 250 specialty stores, spas, and apothecaries across the country!

Waxing Kara® has been featured in print and online magazines such as New York Times, Naturally Danny Seo, Food & Wine, Country Living, Southern Living, Garden & Gun, Cooking Light and Refinery 29. See our press page for details.

Stewards to the Land

We Believe in Saving the Bees

We promote a socially-conscious message about the importance of bees, not only through our personal health but also for the health and sustainability of the planet. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint at Waxing Kara® and one important way of doing this is finding ways to help save the bees on our Kent Island farm.

To do this, we preserve a large portion of our farmland specifically for bees. At Chesterhaven Beach Farm, we devote at least 40 acres of land to grow plants that bees love. We began by removing genetically modified crops that farmers on the eastern shore planted because of their dependable yields. In their place, we replanted indigenous species including bee balm, coneflower, milkweed, and clovers. Lavender, fruit trees, and non-invasive perennials have also been added to bolster the bee's food sources.

In replacing cash crops like soy and corn with nectar plants, we were not only able to transform the landscape, but produce Honey of our own. The amazing combination of plants informs our Spring and Autumn Artisanal Honey in a way that makes it irresistibly delicious, and totally unique to our little apiary.

While the plants on our farm don’t produce crops we can harvest and sell, not everything is about the bottom line. We maintain these natural habitats to keep the bees happy and thriving. In addition to replanting native habitats, we've worked extensively to stabilize and replant the waterfront areas of the farm, allowing native crustaceans and birds of prey to establish themselves. With every purchase at Waxing Kara® you’re doing your part to help save the bees!

Leaving a Small Footprint

We Believe in Sustainability

Another way we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint is through our packaging. We’ve been making efforts to both reduce the amount of packaging used, and to make what is used environmentally sound. Working alongside designers and product developers, Kara Brook and her team are always seeking new and sustainable ways to package goods.

Our glass and plastic jars, along with their lids, are recyclable and reusable. Use our Honey jars to store dry goods, craft supplies, or q-tips. Or, use them to start seedlings for your garden. The plastic tubes used in our traveler sets are also recyclable, and the muslin bags used to pack our Soaps, gift sets, and Lollipops are perfect for housing makeup or toiletries for your travels.

In addition to this, we're making an effort to greatly reduce the amount of plastic used in our packaging and shipping materials - as of 2021, we've introduced almost completely recyclable / compostable shipping boxes for our products. For safety and health reasons, we do need to continue the use of plastics for heat-sealing cosmetics and edible products.

We are committed to high-quality craftsmanship, yielding fine artisanal goods and innovative, useful packaging. Our expertly-blended products are designed to encourage creativity to flow, like honey. Check out the Waxing Kara® YouTube channel and subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest news and special offers.

A Beekeeper's Story

Meet Kara

Kara Brook Brown is the founder of Waxing Kara. She’s an artist with a fascination for beeswax. Kara paints and sculpts with encaustic. Encaustic is paint made with beeswax, tree resin and pigment. Though you may not have heard of it, it’s actually been around a really long time. Encaustic art dates back all the way to ancient Egypt.

Kara found herself going through so much beeswax she decided to take up beekeeping. She liked the idea of a sustainable art form, one that came from the earth into her hands. And once she learned about bees and how important they are to our environment, she poured as much passion into her bees and the eastern shore honey they produced as she did for her art. That’s how Waxing Kara was born.

Soon after she began beekeeping, she started sharing her honey products with friends and family who loved them too. In almost no time, a small but committed team turned a small beekeeping operation into a full-fledged company creating healthful, nurturing Bee Inspired® goods.

Our Thanks to You

Love from Kara

Close your eyes and picture this: pastel-colored beehives warmed under the summer sun. Dew covered meadows peppered with native grasses and wildflowers. A light breeze dancing off of the coast, tickling rows of lush lavender. This is Chesterhaven Beach Farm, where not only our apiary is located, but where we draw so much inspiration from nature. It may not seem like a big deal, but you are making a difference by purchasing our Bee Inspired® goods: you're uplifting our farm and our bees, and you're helping to support the careers of a small but very dedicated team.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you - to me, you're a hero. The importance of bees to our planet's sustainability is often misunderstood. Bees are responsible for one-third of the food we eat. The preciousness of honey, especially its nurturing and healing properties is nature’s gift that we are sharing. Our mission is to craft beautiful and functional handmade goods in a sustainable way with the hope to inspire you daily. I hope that you love our Bee Inspired® goods, and will continue to show us love as we grow and change as a business.

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Small Business, Big Impact

How We Give Back

Supporting our community and environment as it has supported us is a crucial belief at Waxing Kara®. In purchasing our products, you allow us to donate a portion of our profits to various organizations that seek to improve the lives of children and students in underserved communities.

For nearly 20 years, Kara has been a board member of VisionWorkshops, a non-profit organization focused on teaching at-risk youth the art of photojournalism. VisionWorkshops oftentimes uses National Geographic photographers as teachers. A portion of each purchase is donated to the organization; to date, we've given in excess of $185,000. 

Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) is a second organization that Waxing Kara® allows us to support. Kara, after attending MICA, formed an endowed scholarship to help uplift other students and show her support for the school. Over 30 scholarships have been given since its inception.

Our environment benefits greatly from your support - your purchase allows us to maintain our bees and farm. We have worked closely with ecologists, environmental agencies, and other beekeepers to re-establish the native ecosystem, buffer our coastline, and create an oasis for the mighty little honeybee. Read more on how we give back.

Honey House

Honey House is our honey retail store, production facility, lab, and fulfillment center: we do everything out of our little hive! We are located at the Metro Centre in Owings Mills and are open daily from Monday to Saturday from 11 am-5 pm.

We are open for safe in-person shopping, and are continuing to pack and ship orders daily. Curbside pickup is also available if you live in the area. Visit Honey House

What Our Customers are Saying


On days I don’t want to wear makeup; I swipe this over my eyelids, and along my cheekbones to give me a dewy look. I use it to keep my cuticles soft and supple. These are just a few of the ways I use this. And of course, it’s a must for my lips. Lips must always be soft and ready for a 💋


So yummy! These make excellent gifts, especially for someone from Maryland that may be a little homesick. Perfect for teachers, hair dressers, nannies, or anyone who sweetens your life.


I got these as gifts from a friend. Every time I walk by this body butter, I'm tempted to put more on. So I hide it from myself. Seriously, there is something very special about these products.


I opted to try the Spring Honey as a first step due to my love of anything with even a hint of lavender, and boy was I impressed! The flavor is oh-so-subtle but definitely noticeable, and the honey itself is the perfect amount of sweet, nowhere near cloying.


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