Raw Honey Sticks

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Gourmet raw honey sticks in a beautiful gift box

Raw Honey Sticks are 100% pure, with no additives, flavorings, or colorants—minimal filtering. Straight from the hive, this Certified Kosher honey is just the way the bees made it. Eighteen sticks per box. Each stick measures 1 teaspoon of honey. Choose from 5 varietals.


Pure, Raw Honey Sticks are unadulterated, gluten-free, all-natural honey in single-serving sticks for coffee or tea. Eat it straight out of the stick, put it on toast with some almond butter and a few banana slices. Please put it on top of apples with a little bit of lemon, or activate one of our Dry Masks with no mess! Please share them with your kids, or hide them from them!  Enjoy honey sticks in sweet tea on-the-go with these sturdy, no mess sticks.

These honey sticks are Star K Certified Kosher, so they're perfect for Rosh Hashanah as well! Choose from Clover, Wildflower, Blackberry, Orange, and for a limited time, Coffee Blossom!

Pure, Raw Honey Sticks

What's your favorite way to use our Raw Honey Sticks? Do you keep them at your desk or in your bag? Does one variety have your heart, or do you try something new each time? Share your favorite honey recipes with us on Instagram, and be sure to tag us the next time you open your box of Honey Sticks. We always love to see what you're up to!

Sourced from responsible beekeepers, these sticks are pure, raw, and absolutely yummy. The straws are BPA-free and food-grade. Contact your local recycling agency for details on how to process these sticks post-use (recycling code 5 PP).

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