A hexagonal candle with the Waxing Kara bee logo engraved on the side.
Hive Hex Candle
Hive Hex Candle
Hive Hex Candle
Hive Hex Candle
Hive Hex Candle
Hive Hex Candle
Hive Hex Candle
Hive Hex Candle
Hive Hex Candle

Hive Hex Candle

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Buy one, get one while supplies last! A beautiful, architectural statement piece for your home, the Hex Hive Candle is 100% handcrafted in the United States. Long-burning and poured in a reusable concrete vessel, this is a gorgeous item to display in your home. 

  • 95+ hour burn time
  • Reusable, sustainably made vessel
  • 100% crafted in the USA
  • Available in Lavender, Honey, and Forest Fragrances.

Each vessel is entirely handcrafted and may exhibit dimpling, mottling, or other slight imperfections - these do not impact the beauty or burning qualities of the candle. Hex Hive Candle BOGO valid while supplies last. No coupon code needed. Two of the same fragrance will be sent per order - your receipt will not show the additional candle; no further discounts apply. Returns and exchanges not accepted.

Something special happens when you light a candle; the air becomes comforting, the atmosphere warm. The Hex Hive Candle sparks a feeling of joy and happiness when lit in your home, bringing magic and light to where there was darkness.

When the scent of a newly lit candle begins to whisper around your nose, a feeling of comfort and euphoria takes over. Fragrance is one of the senses most closely related to memory. The journey this candle you on is vast, beginning with the initial alluring scent and concluding with a fond memory that was once forgotten.

With three unique and tantalizing fragrances, each Hex Hive Candle perfumes the air with a new thought, a feeling, or, perhaps the best gift of all - a memory.

The Hex Hive Candle is entirely handmade and may have slight imperfections (such as light mottling, divets, or bumps in the vessel). This does not impact the fragrance, burn quality, or beauty of the Candle.

Hand-poured 100% US soy wax, lead-free, patented cotton ribbon wick, fragrance oils, and essential oils. Crafted in handmade stone dust and concrete vessel.

No petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, or dyes.

All orders ship via UPS Ground. We DO NOT ship to PO Boxes.

You can also order and pick up from Honey House in Owings Mills, MD.

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