Haute Mama Gift

Haute Mama Gift

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Because Every Mother Loves Chocolate.

Our Haute Mama Gift is filled with bee inspired goodness for the most deserving person in your life. The Haute Mama Honey Gift is made with pampering in mind. Made in the United States with only natural ingredients.


A Haute Mama Gift to pamper your leading lady

Every day is Mother's Day, right?! This Haute Cocoa Gift is perfect for any Queen Bee in your life.

Always free from parabens, sulfates, petroleum, artificial colors and fragrances, and completely cruelty-free.

Each Haute Mama Gift includes a:

Haute Cocoa Honey Body Butter: a warm, rich, moisturizing formula of plant butters and cocoa extracts

Haute Cocoa Honey Body Scrub: honey crystals and cocoa powder to polish the skin

Peace on Earth Soy Tin Candle: fill your home with the warm scent of relaxing lavender

Sweet Lips Red Trio: a moisturizing trio of red lip tints

Honey Lollipop: portable sweetness on a stick

and a sample Haute Cocoa Face Mask: botanicals and honey combine to cleanse the skin.

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