Farm to Body Sack

Farm to Body Sack

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Perfect spa gift for the person who needs everything! Ships FREE $100 value

Our Farm to Body Sack makes a perfect gift for the person who needs everything! Packaged in a beautiful hand-stamped Waxing Kara cotton sack. Includes one sack with five full-sized products.


Farm to Body Sack is a perfect peace offering.

In the doghouse? This will get you out really quickly. Unless you did something really bad, and in that case, you should probably see the jeweler. The reusable large organic cotton tote serves well as a lunch bag that can be reused, and the five products inside will bring peace and love. After all, they say "give, and you shall receive" this is a real win-win for men and women. Men tend to like Strength, while women enjoy the Peace of Mind and Spa.

Looking for sample-size products instead? Then try our Spa Bag or our Medium Spa Bag.

Each spa gift bag comes with a:

Honey Scrub and Butter to exfoliate, renew, and moisturize the skin.

Honey Soap to cleanse with natural plant oils and botanicals

USDA Certified Organic Honey Lip Balm that moisturizes the lips with a blend of organic plant oils

Soy Tin Candle that creates lavender and vanilla fragrance in the room.

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