Good Night Tea

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Good Night and Sweet Dreams

Good Night Tea is an organic calming blend that soothes the soul. A perfectly soft, herbal brew made with chamomile, mint, and valerian to enjoy before bed.


The Moon, the Stars, and Good Night Tea.

This small-batch artisanal tea is hand blended and packaged in our Honey House. Sourced from trusted growers, it is a perfect bedtime ritual. Good Night Tea pairs soothing herbs with fragrant petals for an herbal blend designed for bedtime. This tea pairs perfectly with our Spring Honey if you want to add a little sweetness to your brew. Organic. Caffeine-free.

Brew a Great Cup

A great cup of tea starts with fresh, clean water.

For the Perfect Cup: Add 1 tablespoon of tea to steeper and place in 8 ounces of water (206F) Steep 5-7 minutes.

Good to Know:

  • Free from artificial flavors and colors
  • Responsibly sourced
  • Organic
  • 1 oz

All of our teas are gluten-free, although not all of our teas, botanicals, and other ingredients come from gluten-free certified suppliers.


Organic chamomile, organic spearmint, organic lemon balm, organic valerian, organic lemongrass, organic passion flowers, organic rose petals