Autumn Honey

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Eastern Shore Autumn Wildflower Honey has a wonderfully distinctive flavor, mildly floral in nature with a strong earthy finish. Ideal for using in tea, over fruit, and on anything you eat raw this honey is raw, pure, packed with pollen, and is Star K Certified Kosher.


Autumn Honey is Mild, Earthy, Delicious, and Rare

Autumn Honey is mild, gently floral, and lightly sweet. It's perfect for everyday use, and is especially good in tea, on oatmeal, and over fresh fruit. This honey hails from our Chesterhaven Beach farm-you can't get it anywhere else!

We don't provide pollination services, our hives sit in the same spot all season long. We plant lots and lots of indigenous plant material specifically farming for bees on 40+ acres of land that face the Chester River.

Need ideas on what to do with Autumn Wildflower? Try Fall Recipes or our Honey Truffles or  Mexican Hot Chocolate featuring Waxing Kara Autumn Honey from Chesterhaven Beach Farm.

Raw, pure, and Star K Certified Kosher.

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