Honey Tasting Tower

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Host a Honey Tasting Party

Our Honey Tasting Tower offers pure, raw, Kosher Honey from different hives and plant sources. You get five different 2-ounce portions to taste and share with friends and family. All of our Honey is produced entirely in the United States.

  • Includes five 2oz varieties of pure, raw Honey
  • Packaged in a gift-ready tube with an instructional booklet
  • Entirely sourced, crafted, and packaged in the USA

Honey varietals can vary, and your Tasting Tower may include Clover, Holly, Sweet Clover, Wildflower, Blueberry, Orange Blossom, Buckwheat, and/or Avocado. Note that some varietals may crystalize over time.


Waxing Kara's Honey Tasting Tower tells the story of the flowers surrounding a hive. This is a collection of small-batch, artisanal, and varietal honey, accompanied by a booklet of tasting notes.

We've included various varietals that range in color and flavor from light and fruity to dark and earthy. Sample the honey from light to dark. Our Tasting Tower is certified Kosher (it's perfect for Rosh Hashanah) and as a hostess gift. 

Supply is variable; substitutes may be made if necessary.

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