Summer Brightening Ritual

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Brighten + Protect with our Summer Spa Tower

Summer Brightening Ritual is all about the power of berries. Natural fruit acids in the berries provide exfoliation to bring about glowing skin, while Honey, nourishing oils, and botanical extracts wrap the skin in hydration. A head-to-toe Summer Ritual for you to enjoy any time you need some sunshine!


Pamper Yourself with the Summer Brightening Ritual

Waxing Kara's Summer Brightening Ritual is an indulgent treat to experience in your home spa. Made by hand with organic and natural ingredients, designed to brighten and protect the skin. Made possible by bees. See individual label for directions and ingredients.

Each Summer Brightening Ritual includes one each of:

Blueberry Eastern Shore Honey: from the blueberry fields of New Jersey.

Place in the Sun Body Butter: a soothing blend of plant butter and essential oils.

Place in the Sun Body Scrub: honey crystals and plant butter exfoliate the skin.

Bee Inspired Mask: packed with berry powders and clays to nourish your complexion.

Summer Brightening Ritual is designed to rejuvenate in five steps:

Step 1 – Dry Brush the entire body to warm the skin and prepare it for detoxification.

Step 2 – Soak with our Honey. This raw Eastern Shore Honey is Mother Nature’s humectant, designed to moisturize the skin. It’s also rich in gluconic acid, which brightens skin tone and fights acne.

Directions: Add 3 Tablespoons (for a pedicure treatment) to 1 full jar of Honey (for large bath) to warm water. Fill a muslin bag with dried lavender buds or rose flower petals and allow to steep.

Step 3 – Cleanse and exfoliate with Waxing Kara Place in the Sun Scrub. We fold tiny blueberry seeds and golden honey crystals into a blend of shea and cocoa butters to create a creamy paste that banishes dull, dead cells as it deeply hydrates the skin.

Directions: Apply to skin using gentle, circular motions. Rinse with warm water or warm towels and towel dry.

Step 4 – Fortify and protect with Waxing Kara Eastern Shore Farm Fresh Bee Inspired® Mask. Behold the power of berries! A fresh, fully customized mask of coconut milk, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries is painted on the body. Relax as mineral-rich clays deeply cleanse and the berry blend boosts the health of your skin, nourishing with a potent synergy of antioxidants and skin brighteners.

Directions: Wash your face and body. Quickly blend a fresh, 100% natural mask targeted to your skin type. Select a mixer after examining the skin- mixing takes 60 seconds or less. Combine 2 parts mask powder to 1 part mixer and blend well (you may need a little more mixer depending on where you are located. We recommend heightening the sensation by gently warming the selected mixer before combining with mask powder.

Skin Type Suggested Mixer
Combination Almond Milk
Mature Carrot Juice
Oily Citrus Juice
All Skin Types Warm Green Tea

Paint freshly-blended mask onto skin and allow remaining for 10-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water or warm towels and towel dry. We recommend a self-facial or foot massage as you relax and the mask works its magic.

Step 5 – Massage freshly cleansed skin with Waxing Kara Place in the Sun Body Butter. Lock in all the goodness of this Farm to Body™ treatment with our decidedly rich (yet impossibly light!) body butter. Waxing Kara honey, sweet almond oil, and cocoa butter deeply condition sun-stressed skin.

Step 6 – Relax Pour a cup of herbal tea and sweeten it with our Honey. Light a candle. Listen to inspiring music. Relax your body and mind.

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