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Soothe and Restore

Is your body in need of some TLC? The Strength Spa Tower® has everything you need to relax and renew dull, tired skin and sagging spirits. The uplifting, warming fragrances of citrus and spice combine with a soothing tea and clarifying mask to brighten your complexion and your mood.


Find your Strength

Are you feeling over worked, run down, and tired? Has your skin seen better days, and is your mind in need of some TLC? The Strength Spa Tower has everything you need to renew your body from the outside in.

Each Strength Spa Tower Includes:

  • Our Strength Scrub and Butter features an uplifting, warming blend of citrus and spice oils and nourishing shea, coconut, and sunflower oils that act together to soften and smooth the skin. Ideal for use in the colder months, Strength restores your skin's moisture levels while providing a barrier against dry air.
  • A Detox Mask that provides your skin with a dose of antioxidants and cleansing clays. Made to gently remove impurities from your pores while improving skin's texture and decreasing the appearance of discolorations and dullness.
  • Sweet Clover Honey hails from the western states, where bees pollinate large fields of legumes during the summer months. This honey is raw and pure, and is filled with trace minerals and pollen that feed your body inside and out.
  • Good Night Tea relaxes your body and helps set you off to sleep with an organic blend of chamomile, valerian, and herbs. Perfect for tossing in your bath as a relaxing soak as well! We include a tea only in the small tower.

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