Red Triptych

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Triptych on Canvas

This original artwork is printed on three separate canvas and wrapped on stretchers. Print from original work. Made to order. Archival. Free shipping does not apply to this piece.


The original painting is done in encaustic on cradled panels. My first client loved the painting and wanted it very large. I tested a few different surfaces and chose the uncoated canvas for the final printing. It's a very strong piece and could proportionately be adjusted in size based on individual needs. I will not print more than ten in the edition, regardless of size. My hope is to bring my artwork into your home at a much more affordable price-range than original works of art without looking like anything other than an original work of art.

The Story

My first monotype was made on a piece of glass with acrylic paint. The texture and off-set alignment of shapes that resulted kept me busy for hours at a time. The monotypes that I now create involve a heated plate beeswax and pigment. I paint on the plate and use a variety of subtractive and additive techniques with encaustic to create images that I fancy as “Color Landscapes”. I experiment with temperature, tools, pigment and more to create one-of-a-kind works on paper. For Waxing Kara®, we are reproducing these original encaustic monotypes as acid free, archival, Giclee (laser) prints in editions of 20 per piece available in a range of sizes. Custom sizing is available.

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