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A Lovely Sampling of Honey

Honey Sampler features four jars of Honey from our farm and from other beekeeper friends on the east coast. A perfect gift. Our honey is USA made, pure, raw, and certified Kosher.


Honey Sampler offers a Sweet Treat and a beautiful gift

What, you don't know what your favorite honey is? Well, then this Honey Sampler will help you decide. Our Honey Sampler features a collection of pure, raw honey from our own farm and beekeepers from across America. Each jar is certified Kosher. Perfect for any celebration including Rosh Hashanah. Honey is perfect in marinades, baking, for tea, and on fruit. Each honey offers a unique flavor profile. Try using lighter honey in drinks and on raw foods. Try dark honey in cooking and baking. Feel free to experiment and share what you discover with us! We've packed this Honey Sampler in a handsome custom-designed box made in the USA. Beyond simple honey party favors, our Honey Sampler makes a perfect gift for mother's day or father's day; hostesses, foodies, and honey connoisseurs. Reuse the box for jewelry, trinkets, love notes and more. Other Honey Samplers that we offer include:

Share a little bee love with this special gift set. The honey in this sampler may vary season to season, depending on honey we have in stock. This season, the honey included in the package is:

Spring (Artisanal honey)

Estate produced on Chesterhaven Beach Farm, this honey is deliciously different than anything you would buy in a store. This amazing honey is mildly sweet and bursting with floral notes. You'll experience hints of lavender, spring fruits, black locust, and wildflowers.

Wildflower (Artisanal honey)

Our rich and complex Wildflower Honey is created from the nectar of wildflowers on the Eastern Shore. Wildflower honey is best described as polyfloral because the bees travel to many types of flowers collecting different types of nectar to create it. This honey is mild, with a rich buttery texture.

Orange Blossom (Varietal honey)

Florida Orange Blossom Honey is medium-bodied, floral, round and warm with notes of jasmine and citrus. Perfect for drizzling over desserts and into tea, this honey also makes a fantastic glaze on chicken and fish.

Buckwheat (Varietal honey)

This season, our Buckwheat Honey is from New York, though at times we acquire it from Pennsylvania. The small white blossoms on the buckwheat plant produce hearty, strong honey that is similar to blackstrap molasses.

The Story

Our goal is to bring together the best bee inspired gifts handcrafted by artisans across the USA to your door. Our bee inspired goods are all custom crafted specifically for our Honey House. We strive to bring the best small batch, artisanal and or varietal honey of the Eastern Shore to honey connoisseurs—from our hives and from other beekeepers with impressive reputations and experience. We weave all of these premium bee-inspired goods into specialized bundles to make an impressive presentation for you to share with your colleagues, friends, and family.

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