Butter Bean Honey

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Light, Mild, with notes of grass and Peach

Butter Bean Honey is like a burst of Eastern Shore sunshine. This honey is silky smooth with hints of grass, peach, and the earthy underlay of its source legume. Try it straight in tea or simmered into a simple syrup mixed into your favorite cocktails. Featured on the Daily Shot Garden & Gun Blog. Pure, raw, and Star K Certified Kosher.


Butter Bean Honey is Light, Sunny, and Mild

Our Butter Bean Honey comes from the hives of our beekeeper friend whose bees pollinate butter bean and pumpkin fields in Delaware. Butter beans provide nectar that the bees turn into a light, mild honey. There is a slightly green, sometimes yellow tint to this beautiful and simple not-too-sweet honey. It's been a favorite among our guests at our Honey House while it is currently out of stock, we offer Holly Honey as an alternative as it is somewhat similar in color and taste. We look forward to restocking soon.

Tasting Characteristics

On the first taste, you will notice a mild "grass" note on your tongue. The finish is gently sweet, with notes of fruits. Great for use in herbal iced tea with lemon. Pair it with strong, salty cheese. Use on grilled peaches by sweetening a dollop of ricotta with honey and chopped herbs. Add to your next marinade. Make a simple syrup and pair with Vodka or Gin. Want more ideas on how to use Butter Bean Honey in cooking? Try our Citrus Miso Salad Dressing recipe. Raw, pure, and Star K Certified Kosher.

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