Bee Love Honey Gift

Bee Love Honey Gift

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For the love of bees

Our Bee Love Box is for “her” if she’s your honey, close friend or colleague and is in need of a little pampering. This goodie box is packed with some of our favorite Bee Inspired products, from honey to body scrub and butter.


Bee Love Honey Gift is inspired by bees.

Bee love is why we do this. If you ask any beekeeper why they get so deeply involved with the bees, chances are good the answer you'll get in response is "love". The bees teach us to take care of ourselves; keep our homes in order; work together in harmony; be consistent and most of all to live off of the land. Our Bee Love Honey Gift celebrates everything the bees give us.

It's our job as beekeepers to give them a safe place to live that is free of pesticides and genetically modified organisms. On Chesterhaven Beach Farm, we have planted over 40 acres of wildflowers chosen specifically for their indigenous nature and nectar output. When the bees are happy, we're happy.

In each gift, you'll find:

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