Star-K Certified Kosher | 100% American-Made | Pure, Raw and Natural

Discounts not applicable to Black Locust, Tupelo, Raspberry, Spring, and Wildflower Varietals

What Our Customers Say


It has an unbelievable “bouquet” and flavor that just shouts FLOWERS! I don’t believe I have ever eaten a flower before but if I did I imagine it would taste like this honey!

Mary Beth J

This honey is so delicious! It’s very dark, thick, and for sure unusual! I have been putting it on my oatmeal.


I opted to try the Spring Honey as a first step due to my love of anything with even a hint of lavender, and boy was I impressed!


This is my favorite honey! It has such a mild, "buttery" flavor. I love it on toasted bagels and swirled in Greek yogurt.