Large Probiotic Natural Deodorant

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Don't Bee Smelly

Coming to us from our friends at Smarty Pits, this natural deodorant is powered by skin safe blends of plant waxes, essential oils, baking soda, and prebiotics that combine to fight against odor-causing bacteria in sweat. Available in a multitude of fragrances to suit any taste, from masculine to floral to fruity.


Skin-Safe, Natural Deodorant

Smarty Pits Natural Deodorant is a wonderful product inspired by the bees. Aluminum-free and made with a blend of skin-safe plant oils, waxes, and baking soda. Probiotics work alongside the other ingredients in this deodorant to really tackle odor! This line is perfect for those with sensitive skin or those in need of metal-free scent protection. Developed by the founder of Smarty Pits in response to her mother's breast cancer diagnosis, this deodorant was formulated to be a safe alternative to aluminum-filled products. We are proud to support this company, and our customers love how well the deodorant works! Pair these deodorants with our Sweet Body Balm to feel fresh and clean.

Good to Know

  • Dye and Aluminum-free
  • Handmade in the United States


See packaging for individual ingredients

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