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Orthodox Union Certified Kosher | Handmade in the United States

From the Hive to Your Home

Free from dyes, flavorings, and other additives, our Honey is pure, raw, and Star K Certified Kosher. It's as delicious and natural as the bees intended!

We work with local beekeepers to source unique varietals, and maintain our own apiary to bring you our Spring Honey. From dark and bold to bright and floral, we know you'll love this gift from the hive.

What We’re Celebrating

    Made by hand in the United States.

    Made with GMO free sugar, real honey, and pure flavors.

    No artificial dyes or flavors - just natural juices, spices, and fruit!

    Well-loved by our friends, family, and members of the hive.

What Our Customers Say


So Delicious! I love the Lavender with my tea and they are so good when you just need a sweet treat. They also make a perfect addition to a gift box or bag. Very pleased with this purchase & recommend them highly! Yummy


I originally received these delicious lollipops from a friend as a gift. They were so good that I ordered more. My son also loves these pops so I will keep ordering. Absolutely the best honey lemon lollipops!


This is a beautiful product and a fantastic gift. Such a treat. The lavender for me just bumps it up from yum to heaven.


These are too amazing for words! I thought I had a favorite with the plain honey pops but the added lavender really makes these special. I have given them for gifts and everyone who receives them loves them! Highly recommend!

Linda L