Sweet Clover Honey

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Rich and So Sweet

Sweet Clover Honey is bright, thick, and very sweet - it perfectly pairs well with fresh fruit, tea, and desserts. Very fast to crystalize, but this does not impact the flavor or edibility of this Honey. Raw, pure, and Star K certified Kosher. This honey is perfect for every-day use.


Sweet, Rich, and Bright

Sweet Clover Honey is from the Dakotas where large fields of yellow clover enrich the soil. Sweet clover yields a very thick strong and sweet honey that is perfect on waffles, desserts, fruit, and in smoothies. Also great in iced tea and cocktails!

This honey is so delicious, we've added a field of clover to our farm. The tall yellow spikes not only add beauty to the fields, they will serve as a reliable source of nectar for the bees, they feed the soil nitrogen as they fight weed growth. All around, sweet clover is an excellent and reliable crop for the month of June.

Raw, pure, and Star K Certified Kosher.

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