Star Thistle Honey

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Star Thistle Honey is from Michigan, where honeybees find an endless nectar source late in the season when all other nectar sources are dry. This romantic and alluring weed is an invasive that tends to take over wherever it sets root. It’s either bright yellow or a beautiful shade of purple. A light amber-colored honey with an earthy, minty flavor best describes this unique honey. It’s raw, pure, and Star K Certified Kosher.


Star Thistle Honey is also known as Spotted Knapweed. 

Star Thistle Honey delivers an earthy and herbal surprise upfront and finishes very sweet. It’s unlike any other honey that we offer. It’s perfect for everyday use, and is especially good in tea, with peanut butter, and is excellent when paired with strong cheese. This honey hails from Michigan, and we have only a small amount to share. 

Bold, savory, and sweet

On the Eastern Shore, we control thistle as it threatens our agricultural landscape. At Chesterhaven Beach Farm, we have a protocol for removing invasive weeds; it involves making good decisions about the products we use, making sure that it’s applied at a time of day when the bees are not out foraging. It’s done by hand (as a spot treatment), not by huge spray-machines that coat the air with chemistry.

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