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Host a Honey Tasting Party

Curious what the difference in taste is between Sweet Clover and Buckwheat honey? Wonder no more. Our Honey Tasting offers a selection of pure, raw, Kosher honey from different geographical and plant sources. With our Honey Tasting Tower, you get five different 2-ounce portions to share with friends and family. See below for this season’s line-up!


Pure and Sweet Honey Tasting

Waxing Kara's Honey Tasting Tower tells the story of the flowers surrounding a hive. Fruity? Nutty? Earthy? Each of the five jars of honey in this tower has its own unique flavor profile, based on geography, climate and nectar source. It's almost like wine! This is a collection of small batch, artisanal and varietal honey, accompanied by a booklet of tasting notes and suggestions on how to best use each honey. We've included a selection of varietals that range from light and fruity to dark and earthy. Sample the honey from light to dark, just as you would wine or beer. A great way to try several varieties of honey before finding your favorite, our Tasting Tower is certified Kosher (perfect for Rosh Hashanah!) and as a hostess gift. Give it to your chef friend, a favorite teacher, or girlfriend. Honey is available in limited supply. The contents of this Tasting Tower may vary from time-to-time. Our current Tasting Tower will include five of the following kinds of honey. Arranged from lightest to darkest:

Blueberry (Varietal honey)

Blueberry Honey is rich, buttery, and as sweet as a handful of summer berries. Ideal honey for tea, cooking, and sauces, it also makes a perfect glaze on chicken and fish.

Spring (Artisanal honey)

Produced on our very own Chesterhaven Beach Farm, Spring Honey is unlike any other honey you've tried. It's a light green-gold color with a bright, strong floral flavor thanks to the lavender, wildflowers, and black locust trees on our farm. Perfect in tea, over hotcakes, or on top of yogurt.

Sweet Clover (Varietal honey)

Made from the nectar of the tall spikes of yellow sweet clover plants in North Dakota, this honey is bright, fragrant, sweet, and intoxicating. It’s currently Kara’s personal favorite. Very sweet and incredibly thick, this is great honey for cocktails and granola.

Wildflower (Artisanal honey)

Our Wildflower Honey comes from the nectar of wildflowers on the Eastern Shore. Wildflower honey changes by season and is used by some in immunotherapy to build a resistance to pollen allergies. This is mild, buttery honey that's perfect for using fresh and in cooking.

Orange Blossom (Varietal honey)

Florida Orange Blossom Honey is medium-bodied, floral, round and warm with notes of jasmine and citrus. Great for on desserts like cheesecake and ice cream, this honey is very thick and makes a perfect glaze for grilled foods as well. Also fantastic on oatmeal.

Buckwheat (Varietal honey)

This season, our Buckwheat Honey is from New York, though at times, we acquire Buckwheat from Pennsylvania. The small white blossoms on the buckwheat plant produce hearty, strong honey. It is typically compared with blackstrap molasses and contains higher levels of antioxidants than most other honey. Perfect for in coffee, toast/bread, and other baked goods.

Avocado (Varietal honey)

Avocado Honey hails from California, where hives pollinate groves of every millennial’s favorite fruit. It reminds us a little of Bamboo and Buckwheat honey in that it’s dark and rich, although it has a milder, sweeter flavor. Perfect on top of pancakes or in autumn baked goods. Details:

  • Includes 5- 2-ounce portions of raw honey and a booklet of pairing suggestions
  • Our honey is raw, pure, and Star K certified Kosher

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