Holly Honey

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A Golden Gift from the Bees

Holly Honey has a warm, bright aroma and tasting notes of caramel, butterscotch, and brown sugar. Mild and perfect for everyday use. Light amber in tint, this honey is rich and smooth with just the right level of sweetness. Very similar in flavor and aroma to Black Sage Honey.

  • Mildly sweet with caramel tasting notes
  • Crafted and packaged entirely in the USA
  • Available in limited seasonal quantities
  • Pure, raw, and Star K Certified Kosher


Holly Honey comes from the blooms of Ilex Glabra, a wild member of the holly family that produces an abundance of small white flowers that the bees flock to. They come into bloom after many of the early May plants are just about finished blossoming. When you watch a holly bush around this time, you will notice it comes to life and is covered by bees.

Holly Tasting Notes

This honey is typically light amber in color, with a delightfully buttery texture and smooth finish - very reminiscent of the ultra-rare Black Sage Honey. Warm, with a pleasant caramel flavor, Holly Honey makes a great everyday honey.

Ways to use this honey

We recommend using it on hotcakes or in making your own raw granola. It's as unusual as it is extraordinary.

Raw, pure, and Star K Certified Kosher.

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