Wildflower Honey

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Trust me - you’ve got to try this one!”

Our limited-edition Winter Wildflower Honey comes from a small family beekeeper in Maryland's Greenspring Valley - it's just up the road from us in Baltimore County! This batch is darker than our previous releases, and features tasting notes of chestnut, sweet grains, and powdered sugar.

  • Locally produced in Maryland's Greenspring Valley
  • Raw, pure, and Star K Certified Kosher.
  • Available in very limited quantities
  • Rich in native pollens
  • 11oz


Wildflower Honey is sweet and delicious. Honeybees travel up to six miles to collect nectar from indigenous wildflowers and carry twice their weight in their honey belly back to the hive. This honey comes from the nectar of very late season wildflowers - ones that produce dark, flavorful nectars, like hyssop, asters, and Autumn clematis. Rich in native pollens, and 100% pure and raw.

Great with blue cheese and cashews paired with a pinot noir. This honey is also delicious on Warm Peach Oatmeal, Greek yogurt with granola, in baked goods, tea, and coffee.

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