Almond + Cherry Blossom Honey

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Out of the Ordinary!

Our California Almond+Cherry Blossom Honey is unusually delightful. This bittersweet, nutty combination is the most beautiful shade of reddish mahogany. A perfect topping for ice cream, soft cheeses, and delightful when paired with dark chocolate and fruit.

  • A rare treat from the hive
  • Raw, pure, and Star K Certified Kosher.
  • Produced and harvested in the United States
  • 11oz


It even has a good and unusual story behind it. Almond crops are at the top of the list that requires honeybees for pollination. When the big beekeepers go west to pollinate the almond blossoms, they usually discard the bitter almond honey that follows; they characterize it as inedible.

Every once-in-a-while, the planets align, and the timing is such that the cherry blossoms arrive simultaneously as the almond blossoms. This Honey is the bi-product of trees blossoming at the same time. We did not mix this Honey or add any flavorings - it is as pure and raw as the bees intended.

Need ideas on what to do with this fantastic Honey? Try making Mexican Hot Chocolate, or serve it on top of ice cream.

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