Lavender Flower Water

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Refresh your skin and spirit

Handcrafted on our farm, Lavender Flower Water is a facial, body, and hair mist that tones and hydrates the skin and hair. Made in very small batches with lavender blossoms and leaves, a few mists of this delicate spray leaves the skin and hair feeling renewed. The fragrance is light, clean, and botanical, with clean lavender and herbal greenery.


  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • For use on the face, body, and hair
  • Made by hand right here in the USA
  • Developed with aspen bark extract, a plant-based preservative
  • Free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, dyes, and fragrances


    Distilling lavender with spring water makes magic

    Lavender Flower Water is made by hand in small batches on our farm. You'll love how it feels on your face and skin! We hand-harvest lavender and distill this delicate elixir with painstaking attention to detail.

    Our flower water is an herbal distillate, also known as a hydrosol. Hydrosols are a common ingredient in natural skincare products and natural room sprays.

    The science:

    The distillation of plant material produces two by-products: essential oils, and hydrosols. Hydrosols are the end result of steam distillation. (Think back to when you learned the water cycle in grade school.) Water is heated to create steam, in a still or double boiler of sorts. The hot steam rises and permeates the plant material within. From here, the aromatic water molecules are carried by steam into a condenser, surrounded by cold water. The cold water causes the steam to condense into a liquid, which leaves us with our Lavender Flower Water.

    This process of distillation has been used for thousands of years for the creation of alcohol. Due to the way a hydrosol is created, the scent is pure and does not smell like traditional lavender buds or essential oils. The scent is a sweet, grassy, woody and earthy aroma reminiscent of a beautiful fresh day outdoors.

    Ways to use Lavender Hydrosol:

    • Spritz on your face after cleansing and before applying moisturizer, follow with Facial Oil
    • After a morning shower, spray on clean dry skin, for an overall clean and fresh feeling
    • Use after a sweaty gym session for a quick refresh
    • Mist onto hair to tame frizz and leave a clean, bright fragrance
    • Spray onto clean bedding or into the air to lighten and freshen your space

    To enjoy: Spray on clean skin. Use on face, body, and hair. External use only. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Store away from light and heat.


    What is Lavender Flower Water?

    Botanical waters are the product of plant material that has been distilled in purified water. Our Lavender Flower Water is a distillate, commonly known as a hydrosol, of lavender flowers, buds, and foliage - the resulting product is soothing and refreshing on the skin. 

    What are the skin benefits?

    Made without dyes, added fragrances, alcohols, and petrochemicals, our Lavender Flower Water is an excellent way to soothe and freshen up your skin and hair. It's an ultra-gentle formulation that is quickly absorbed into the skin, delivering much-needed hydration when your complexion is feeling dull.


    Steam-Distillied Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), aspen bark extract

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