Medium Spa Bag

Medium Spa Bag

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On the go? Take me with you!

Fill the tub to the top and sprinkle in the soak. Buff away your worries with a little polish for the skin. Finish by buttering up from head to toe in relaxing comfort. Treat your lips with the soothing moisture from honey. A Medium Spa Bag has it all.


A Medium Spa Bag makes a special gift.

In each Medium Spa Bag, you get a taste of the Waxing Kara experience. Each 4 ounce jar of product is meant to soothe the body and mind so you can really relax. Made with only the finest ingredients like plant butters, essential oils, mineral salts, and honey to nurture the skin. Free from parabens, artificial fragrances, petroleum, and sulfates. Choose from Peace of Mind, Blossoms+Bourbon, or Strength fragrances. All perfumed with only pure essential oils.

A Medium Spa Bag contains one each of:

Honey Body Butter: rich, moisturizing plant oils and butters

Peace Soak: mineral salts and lavender buds to melt your tension away Honey

Body Scrub: honey crystals and plant butters to exfoliate and polish the skin

Sweet Lips Lip Balm: Certified Organic and made with only the best oils for soft, supple lips

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